Watch out, mobile phone radiation

Senin, 22 Maret 2010

Cell phone radiation is often blamed as the cause of various health problems, one of them brain cancer. A study shows a list of phones with the highest radiation levels. Anything?

Research conducted by Environmental Working Group (EWG) is focused on a number of phones in emerging market central United States. According to cell phone radiation rating list in 2010, several mobile phones that provides advanced features proved to have high radiation emission.

Quoted from Wirelessandmobilenews, Monday (2/22/2010), EWG enthrone Droid Blackberry Bold and Motorola as a phone that has the highest radiation levels.

Here's a list of mobile high radiated quoted EWG:

1. Blackberry Bold 9700, AT & T, T-Mobile, 1:55 W / kg
2. Droid Motorola, Verizon Wireless, 1:50 W / kg
3. LG Chocolate Touch (VX8575), Verizon Wireless, 1:46 W / kg
4. HTC Nexus One by Google, T-Mobile, 1.39 W / kg
5. Apple iPhone 3G S, AT & T, 1:19 W / kg
6. HD Samsung Instinct (SPH-M850), Sprint, 1.16 W / kg
7. CLIQ with MOTOBLUR Motorola, T-Mobile, 1:10 W / kg
8. Mythic Samsung (SGH-A897), AT & T, 1:08 W / kg
9. Impact Pantech, AT & T, 0.92 W / kg
10. Brute Motorola i680, Sprint, 0.86 W / kg

Meanwhile the list of phones with low radiation:

1. Sanyo Katana II [Kajeet]
2. Samsung Rugby (SGH-a837) [AT & T's]
3. Blackberry 9530 Storm [Verizon Wireless]
4. Omnia Samsung I8000 II [Verizon Wireless]
5. Pro Samsung Propel (SGH-i627) [AT & T]
6. Samsung SGH-t229 [T-Mobile]
7. Pantech Helio Ocean [Virgin Mobile]
8. Sony Ericsson W518a Walkman [AT & T]
9. Samsung SGH-a137 [AT & T, AT & T GoPhone]
10. LG Shine II [AT & T]

Related to the possible dangers posed by mobile phone radiation, EWG recommends cell phone users send SMS to reduce the frequency of calls and only use cell phones in areas with good signal.

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