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Minggu, 21 Februari 2010

Structure of an Organization
Is to describe how the organization to govern themselves, how to manage relationships between people and between groups.
Organization structure is a decision taken by the organization itself Based situations, conditions and needs of the organization.
The structure of an organization has to do with the purpose, organizational structure because it is the way that organizations manage themselves in order to achieve goals to accomplish.
Organization structure is unique for each organization.
The basic concept of the organization:
- In organizing the function, the manager allocates the entire organization's resources in accordance with the plans that have been made based on a specific organizational framework.
- The framework is called the Design Organization.
- Specific forms of organizational framework called the Organizational Structure.

- Organization Structure is basically the design of organizations in which managers perform the allocation of organizational resources, particularly those related to the division of labor and resources of the organization, and how the whole work can be coordinated and communicated

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