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is a professional health care institutions whose services are provided by doctors, nurses and other health experts.
Tasks and Functions
Here is the task and function of the hospital, namely:
• Conducting medical services, medical support services,
• Implement additional medical services, additional medical support services,
• Implementing judicial medical services,
• Implement special medical services,
• Implement health referral services,
• Implement dentistry services,
• Implement social medical services,
• Implementing health education services,
• Implementing outpatient services or emergency care and patient stay (observation),
• Implementing inpatient services,
• Implement administrative services,
• Implement the education of medical,
• Assist general medical education,
• Assist medical education specialists,
• Assist health research and development,
• Helping epidemiological investigation activities,
Duties and functions associated with the class and type of hospital in Indonesia consists of general hospitals and specialized hospitals, class a, b, c, d. entity and as a regional technical and operational units. hospital grade changes may be due to the decline terjadii hospital performance set by Indonesia's health minister through the Director General yan medical decisions.
The types of hospital
1. General hospital
Serving nearly all common diseases, and usually have emergency care institutions is 24-hour standby (emergency room) to overcome the danger in time and provide immediate first aid.
Public hospital facilities that are usually easy to find in a country, with inpatient capacity is very large for intensive care or long term. This type of hospital is also equipped with surgical facilities, plastic surgery, delivery room, laboratory, and so on. But the completeness of this facility can be varied according to organizers capabilities.
The hospital is very large often called Medical Center (health center), usually served whole of modern medicine.
Most hospitals in Indonesia also opened health services without overnight (outpatient care) for the general public (clinic). Usually there are several clinics / polyclinics in a hospital.
2. Specialized hospital
These types include trauma centers, children's hospital, hospital elderly, or hospital that serves special interests such as Psychiatric (Psychiatric hospital), respiratory disease, and others.
Hospitals can consist of any combination or just one building. Most have affiliations with universities or certain medical research centers. Most hospitals in the world was established with the purpose of a nonprofit.
3. The hospital research / education
The hospital research / education is a general hospital associated with research and education in medical school at a university / higher education institutions. This hospital is usually used for training young doctors, testing various new drugs or new treatment techniques. The hospital was organized by the university / college as one form of dedication the society / Tri Dharma college.
4. Hospital institution / company
The hospital, founded by an institution / company to serve patients who are members of the institution / company employee. The reason could be due to the establishment of disease-related activities of these institutions (such as military hospitals, airports), social security forms / free treatment for the employee, or because the location / remote location of the company / distant from public hospitals. Usually hospital institutions / companies in Indonesia also received a general patient and provide emergency room for the general public.
5. Clinic
Medical facility smaller serving only a particular complaint. Usually run by non-governmental organizations or the doctors who want to run a private practice. Clinics are usually only received outpatient treatment. The form can also be a collection of clinics, called polyclinics.

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