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Rabu, 24 Februari 2010

For those of you who have never know of this site, c,mon ... we try again a few sites there, some are also similar to the image funia, attractive and easy to use.

Picartia, this site to make the photos into an image which makes image Mosaic of small pieces of colored glass, stone and other materials.

Hairmixer, this site to replace a hairdo ngetrend celebrities. Who knows you want to emulate your favorite celebrity hairstyles, well before the salon does not hurt to try once on this site.


Write On It, This site is to make the writings of your own on the template photos are already available. or similar.

Heritage site is to find your photos similarity with celebrities, especially when a lot of friends who say that you like this celebrity, let alone whether it was true a lot of similarities?

Festisite site is to display your photos on paper money, there are many templates of money from various countries.

Wanted Poster of this site to make a Wanted Poster with western classical style. Once entered into the site, click the Wanted Poster. Apart from wanted posters, the site also offers three other effects that can be used.

This site Magnigraph just to make your pictures into black and white. There is no harm to try, sometimes the pictures just black and white will look more beautiful is not it?

Create a site Babies can guess your baby's face that will be produced from the two photos that you upload, so try uploading your photos and your girlfriend, this is about your baby's face by a computer or this site.

Fun Photo Box mrip site with photos Funia with different templates.

This site Photo505 Photo mrip with Funia with different templates.

This site Loonapix Photo mrip with Funia, Face In Hole with a different template.

This site Montagraph with mrip Face In Hole with a template that is interesting ..

This site Pizap to add text that we want in the photos that you upload, .... :)

ImageChef site is also for the manipulation of the photographs, there are many unique templates.

Funny Photo He ... he ... let alone yes, tired ....

This also Blingee try it yourself, just make bling bling ... yeah:)

Fake Magazine Cover Just ... which is also untested, I think almost the same as some sites to create a magazine cover

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