Kutai Kartanegara

Selasa, 03 Maret 2009

Has a total area of administrative 27.263.10 km2.Kukar District is divided into 18 districts and 212 villages / wards.
When viewed from the geographical boundaries of Kutai Kartanegara as follows:
- North: Adjacent to the East Kutai regency. Berau District and County
- East: Adjacent to the Strait of Makassar and Bontang
- Eleven South: Adjacent to the City of Samarinda, Balikpapan, County Sand and
Central Kalimantan
- West: Adjacent to the West Kutai District and Central Kalimantan Province
Whereas when viewed from the location of astronomical Kartanegra Kutai regency located at 115 ° 16'28''BT - 117 ° 36'43''BT, 1 ° 28'21''N -1 ° 08'06''LS.
District Health Office Kukar serves as assistant regent in executing the duties and authority in the field of health management and are implementing elements of Kutai Kartanegara goverment who are accountable to Kukar.
Basic formation of District Health Office is Kukar Regulation Kukar District Number: 39 39 Year 2000 on the Formation of Structure and Agency Organization Kukar Regent Decree No. 2001 of 180-188/HK-50/Tahun Public Health Service Task Description.
Number of health facilities and infrastructure are still
insufficient.Recorded number of health centers for the entire District Kukar of 28 units. Health centers, 118 mobile health units and 22 units. Polindes 54 units.

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